Coffee makes everything possible

L'Atelier de la Grange was designed to offer you a freshly roasted coffee every morning, made from carefully selected green beans.
Roasting is carried out on site using a roasting machine with a maximum capacity of 2kg, allowing the desired characteristics of the coffee to be refined with great flexibility.
The slow roasting process we use enhances the delicate aromas of our pure-origin coffees.


You make your own coffee

We know what a pleasure it is to enjoy a fresh, quality coffee that hasn't been stored for months and lost its aroma. Whether you're a fan of pure-origin coffee, or a lover of thoroughbred blends, we wanted to take you with us into the world of coffee: we offer you the chance to make your own coffee, blend or pure-origin, using our roaster.
It's a captivating and highly personalised experience, during which you'll be able to choose your green beans, handle the roaster, make your own packets and leave with your own personalised coffee.

Coffee will hold no more secrets for you!

This one-hour immersion experience is priced at €118 incl. VAT for 1 to 4 people.

Each participant will leave with around 400g of made-to-measure coffee.


Coffees for sale

Our range of coffees allows you to travel to the true terroirs of coffee producers to discover their aromatic richness.
The beans are roasted freshly and with respect for the product. The beans are ground on request to preserve their aromas, but also to adapt them to your style of coffee (Turkish, espresso, Italian, mocha, filter, etc.).

Packets of freshly roasted coffee for your pleasure or as a gift!

La Grange du Couvent has worked with its Italian partners to develop a unique signature coffee, very invigorating and with intense chocolate flavours, typical of Italian coffees.

Pure-origin coffees and blends are also roasted regularly to vary the pleasures of tasting:

Guatemalan 'La Delizia' 'Pure Origin' coffee: intense but gentle aromas, reminiscent of chocolate and hazelnut, with notes of citrus fruit and honey.

Colombia 'Pures origines' coffee, with more pronounced acidity and powerful floral aromas tending towards chocolate and honey. Structured, full-bodied coffee.

Blend arabica. Made from coffees from Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil, this very well-balanced coffee has notes of sugar cane on the finish.

16€ per 400g, beans or grinded




La Grange du Couvent offers you original services:


Coffee roasting workshop

Watercolor walks

Don't forget to book them in advance by phone or email.